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Big cinema for the ears

The Zurich-solo guitarist Attila Vural seems to be known in Germany and the United States than in Switzerland. Totally wrong! Attila Vural tugs, kicks and plays his 8-string or 14-string guitars a well-balanced blend of jazz, Latin and rock and leaves every now and again be his fantastic fingerstyle playing sound. His playing of guitar is to understand not only as a string instrument but also as a percussion instrument. This brings new rhythmic possibilities in the game and builds new lines for the clarinetist Isam Shehade. He in turn maintains a lyrical and velvety tone. So they build their pieces of music. This seems a little experimentally but in the entire of auditory sensation it sounds it very harmonic. Since the common first compositions, which date back to the nineties and develop since twelve years, an independent handwriting, which they are playing again and again in Concerts (a.o. Jazztime in Ravensburg).


Live video - First Dance

Video (Akustik Guitar Magazin) - Mysterious Feel of Stonehenge


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When singer Simone Wiser heard the song "Those Wings Around You" by guitarist Attila Vural she spontaneously wrote some lyrics. Shortly afterwards the two of them met for their first jam session.

A repertoire, including original compositions, classics and more recent music by musicians like Bob Dylan, Bobby Bland, Norah Jones, Gnarls Barkley and Tones and I, was born.

The arrangements of the songs are refreshing and lively thanks to the combination of sophisticated orchestral guitar technique and a powerful, yet gentle voice.

This opens up a new universe of possibilities for the interplay of guitar and voice in the genre of guitar-vocal duo.

Video (Akustik Gitarren Magazin) - Those Wings Around You

Video (Akustik Gitarren Magazin) - Driven

Video (Akustik Gitarren Magazin) - When Two Walked the Winter Road

Single - Roll a Dice

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